2021 Theatre Audition Information

Are you an actor looking to work in musical comedy for the 2021 summer season?

Due to Covid and the greatly reduced park capacity during our 2020 season, we will be performing the same show, Cinderella, for the 2021 season with the same cast. We will be auditioning as needed to replace actors that leave. If you wish to be notified if a position becomes available, please email susan@enchantedforest.com.

The same audition material from 2020 which appears on this site will be used in that event.

At this time, we are preparing to cast an understudy for the role of Cinderella, also ideally able to play Peutra. 

Download audition info here for 2020 (same for 2021)

including, application, calendar and sheet music.

For the attached cuttings, only perform the ones from Cinderella, not Pinocchio. 

Audition music downloads below