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Brick Locator

Where is my brick?

Current as of July 9th, 2024

You purchased a brick, but now where do you find it?


Bricks are being placed in the English Village at this time. 


Bricks orders were placed together in groups. They are installed in those same groups. Find your brick order number or the date of purchase. The number right after ENCTF in your order number is what you see in the left column. The numbers after that in your order number are not needed to find where your brick is placed. Your brick will be located close to the area described in the chart below.

Normal time from the date we are able to place the batch order to the date of completed install is approximately 3 months. It takes quite awhile for engraving, shipping and install.  

If you visit the park and your brick is not installed yet, please email when you see that your brick has been installed in the below tables and we will be happy to email you a photo of your brick.


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