Frequently Asked Questions

ANNUAL PASSES - Do you sell annual passes or discounted admission passes online?

Not at this time. Follow us on Facebook and we will alert you to any rainy day specials or other specials.

BREAST FEEDING - Is there a place I can use my breast pump? Where are the best places in the park to breast feed my child?

The Enchanted Forest welcomes you to breast feed anywhere in the park except on rides or ride loading areas. Baby changing tables are located in all restrooms. There are no plug-ins available for breast pumping in the restrooms, except for plugging into the closet in the family restoom in the Timber restrooms across from the Log Ride exit. Please talk to any team member and ask them to contact the office/management to unlock the closet for you. The following areas are the most often used areas for breastfeeding: Women’s entrance area restroom - This area is closest to the parking lot, has a chair and is heated and has a baby-changing table. Individual Picnic buildings - These are covered with tables and located toward the south end of the picnic area by the Ice Cream Parlour. Long John’s Lookout in the English Village -This building is covered and you can watch the Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster as the cars pass. They go fast enough that they cannot “watch” you. This area is covered with benches with arms but has stairs. This area is across from Sir Newton's Gravity Factory. Theatre seating between shows – During the summer this area is not used between shows and is often a quiet, peaceful place to sit away from the crowds. This area is not covered if it rains except for the back benches. The theatre is located up the hill by the Kiddie Rides.

CASTS/MEDICAL RESTRICTIONS  I have a cast/medical brace/support boot, etc... Can I ride any rides?

Let us know at the admission booth that you need to get a Rides Cast check. Our medical supervisor will be called to talk with you about the cast or other medical situation and let you know which rides are okay and will communicate that to the ride operators. Some rides are gentle, such as the Challenge of Mondor and okay for most medical situations. Some rides are not okay for any broken bones at any stage of healing, such as the Ice Mountain Bobsled roller coaster and the bumper cars. Our medical supervisor will be able to let you know exactly which ride restrictions will apply to you.

DRESS CODE - What is the dress code?

Footwear is required in the park. Good walking shoes are recommended. High heels are not recommended. Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times. The park is a casual, family-oriented environment and to help us maintain that atmosphere, we ask you to use your discretion and common sense. Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics, is not allowed and you may be asked to reverse your shirt if graphics or language are innapropriate for a family-oriented environment.

DISCOUNTS - Does Enchanted Forest provide group discounts?

Yes. Any group with 25 or more people can receive a group discount. To receive a group rate, you must call the park at 503-371-4242 to make a reservation. Everyone in your party must enter at once, and admission must be paid in one lump sum (separate transactions for group rates are not allowed).

DONATIONS - Our non-profit organization is having a fund-raising event. Does Enchanted Forest give out charitable donations?

Enchanted Forest donates thousands of dollars in admission passes each year to local organizations. Due to the large number of requests, strict criteria must be met before Enchanted Forest will decide to donate to your organization. Check out our Community Giving Portal for more information by clicking HERE . Please do not call, mail, or fax the park for donation requests.

EMPLOYMENT - Is Enchanted Forest hiring?

Hiring for general park employment begins in March. We take applications all through the year and hire new team members throughout the season based on business needs. Competition for park employment is competitive, so we suggest that you turn in your application as soon as possible. We look for people who are outgoing, responsible, and professional. Please visit our Park Employment Page to fill out an application by clicking HERE. Theatre actors are hired through a separate application and audition process. You can get that information by clicking HERE. Medical EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician) can apply e-mailing your resume to

ONLINE SALES - Is park admission, gift cards, or Enchanted Forest merchandise sold online?

We do sell park admission, gift cards, and Enchanted Forest merchandise online. Click HERE for online ticketing. Click HERE for our online shopping site.

PETS - Can I bring my dog or pet into the park? If not, are there kennels available?

Pets are not allowed in the park except for service animals. Please do not leave pets in your car on hot/warm days. Remember that even at 80 degrees it can reach temperatures 120 in your car. The closest kennel to us is:. Pet Village (6 miles from Enchanted Forest) 3185 Turner Road S.E. Salem, Oregon 97302 Office: (503) 363-DOGS (3647) (503) 363-0725 E-mail: or E-mail: or

SMOKING POLICY - What is your policy on smoking, e-cigarettes and vaping?

For the comfort and safety of all park guests and team members, tobacco smoking will be permitted in our designated smoking area only. The smoking area is located in an area of the path at the top of the hill between the Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster and the Big Timber Log Ride. The entrance is on the opposite side of the street from those rides. E-cigarettes and vaporizers will be treated the same as tobacco products. Marijuana is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited by Guests under 21 years of age

PICNICS - Can we bring our own food into the park?

Yes. You may bring in outside food; however, we do not allow anything that poses a fire danger such as barbeque grills. We also do not allow alcohol in the park.

SCHOOL RATE - Does Enchanted Forest provide special school rates?

Yes. Enchanted Forest provides special discount rates for school groups with over 25 people weekdays in May and weekdays in the first half of June. Please call the park at 503-371-4242 for more information. Special restrictions apply and a reservation must be made to receive the discount. Enchanted Forest usually has a dedicated homeschool day each year. You can e-mail to get information about homeschool day.

UNDER age 3 - I have a child who is under age 3. Do they get to ride the rides for free?

Although children who are 2 years old or younger do not have to pay for admission, they must still pay for any rides except for the Haunted House if they are accompanied by an adult. Remember, all riders must meet height and safety requirement to ride.

Does the Tofte family still run the park?

Yes. In fact, park creator Roger Tofte (now in his 80s) still works at the park creating and revitalizing the things he's made. To learn how Enchanted Forest got its start, please visit the History Page.

PROHIBITED ITEMS - Are there any items that cannot be brought into the park?

There are NO weapons, firearms, alcohol, illegal substances or fireworks allowed in the park. We reserve the right to check bags for the safety of our guests.

ACCESSIBILITY - Is the park accessible?

Click HERE to go to our Accessibility page for guests with physical disabilities. Click HERE to go to our Deaf/Hard of Hearing page. For any other accessibility questions not answered here, please ask to speak to a supervisor at the admission booth and we will be happy to help whenever possible.