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  • $1 per ticket after paid admission  (3-5 tickets per ride) 

  • Click HERE to go to the prices page for admission rates.

  • Riders must meet height and safety requirements to ride.

  • Casts and broken bones are not allowed on all rides. If you have a cast, broken bone, or medical limitation, ask to talk to our CAST CHECK personnel when you arrive at our entrance booth and they will let you know what rides you may ride.

Frog Hopper is closed at this time.

40ft drop at Big Timber Log Ride

Big Timber Log Ride

5 tickets

Must be 40" to ride with adult, 48" to ride alone


You will get wet. Ponchos will be sold at the gift shops for $3.

Float through an old logging mill and up in the trees to end in a 40 foot drop to spectacular splashdown. Log flume and roller coaster combined!

Ice Mountain Bobsled 
Roller Coaster

5 tickets

Must be 34" to ride

Standing 100 feet tall with 1600 feet of track, the Ice Mountain Bobsleds was the first ride opened at Enchanted Forest in 1983. The ride is 2 1/2 minutes long and contains plenty of turns, drops, and bunny hops. You can fit 1 adult and 1 child, or 2 average sized adults, or 3 small children in each car. There are 3 cars per train. Each car is enclosed.

Ice Mountain Bobsleds
Guests riding Challenge of Mondor

Challenge of Mondor

5 tickets 

Must be 34" to ride with adult, 42" to ride alone

Search for Mondor the wizard who sends you on a quest to fight the Creatures of the Dark to free the happy little Drumlins. This interactive target-shooting adventure keeps your score while you battle creatures to save the day. Daily high score and all-time high score medals awarded.

Speedway Bumper Cars

4 tickets 

Must be 42" to ride with adult, 53" to ride alone

Challenge your friends to a race at our Speedway Bumper Cars. Bump your friends while you whiz past them in our classic bumper car arena.

Guests riding the Bumper Cars
Front exterior view of the Haunted House

Haunted House

4 tickets

(ages 2 and under free if accompanied by adult in this attraction only)

Not for those easily scared


Visit the spirits of the Haunted House...if you dare. Visit a place where the ghosts of the past come alive for one final scare. Are you brave enough to walk through three floors of the unknown?


3 tickets 

Under 42" must ride with an adult. Must be 42" to ride alone.

(Adult that is required to stand by child under 42" rides free on this ride only.)

Rabbits, pigs, ostriches, horses! Pick you favorite animal to ride, or pick the bench for a relaxing whirl on this beautiful carousel. With plenty of benches to watch the carousel, this is also a great place for sitting and relaxing.

Child enjoying the Carousel
Guests riding the Frog Hopper

Kiddy Frog Hopper
Frog Hopper is closed at this time.

3 tickets

Must be at least 36"


The first thrill ride for kids! This fun-for-all-ages attraction bounces riders up and down a 20 foot high structure

Up and Away

Ferris Wheel

3 tickets

Under 36" must ride with adult. Must be 36" to ride alone.


Soar up to the trees and take a look around. Each gondola holds up to 4 children, or 1 adult and 2 children.

Ferris Wheel web.jpg
Kiddy Tune Train

Tiny Tune Train

3 tickets 

Under 36" must ride with adult. Must be 36" to ride alone.

Take your children on a magical train ride on our kid friendly music train. Our choo choo takes riders past Roger Tofte's sculptures of Pinocchio's village, Three Little Pigs' houses, and much more.

Kiddy Bumper Boats

3 tickets

Must be under 54" to ride.

Let your children captain their own boats! Our attendant is in the water with the children.

Little boy in Kiddy Bumper Boats
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