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Roger Tofte in the Gepetto gift shop

Creator Roger Tofte standing in his favorite store, Geppetto's Toys Treasure and Trinkets, complete with a model train circling the room.

Enchanted Forest offers four gift shops for your shopping enjoyment.


The ENTRANCE GIFT SHOP specializes in t-shirts, Enchanted Forest souvenirs, and travel toys.


The OPERA HOUSE gift shop is located in the Tofteville Western Town. It specializes in western gift items, inexpensive toys, t-shirts and candy.


GEPPETTO'S TOYS TREASURES AND TRINKETS SHOPPE is located in the Old European Village and carries our more artistic gift items. Children will love this store with a G-guage train running around the upper walls and a tiny village table that allows children to play with our toy cars and vehicles.


THE BEST LITTLE FACEPAINTING AND COSTUME SHOPPE is located in the Old European VIllage and can transform you into a princess, a ninja, or whatever your imagination can dream up.

Facepainting store with tree mural and costumes on the wall

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