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"Buy A Brick" for a lasting legacy at Enchanted Forest. 9" x 6" paver stone engraved bricks are made out of cement, the same reddish/grey paver stones currently used in our park.  You have your choice of logo/symbol at the top of the paver stone and up to 3 lines of text below that, maximum 21 characters per line. If you choose no logo, you can have up to 4 lines of text.


This program began at the beginning of December of 2020, and your purchase of an engraved paver stone helps us bring in additional revenue to help Enchanted Forest survive through Covid. (Please note: The Enchanted Forest is a for profit business and the purchase of your brick is not tax deductible.) 


Commemorate your memories of Enchanted Forest with a personalized paver stone!
~ Remember a loved one ~
~ Recognize a graduation year ~
~ Honor someone special ~
~ Join with family or friends for a family or friends brick ~
~ Set your name in stone for decades to come ~

These paver stones will be replacing paver stones used for the walkways around our park. The English Village will be the location of installed bricks for the foreseeable future. There will not be a "map" of your exact brick location, but we will be able to tell you the specific area your paver stone is installed in by your order number or date of order. For example, all of the first engravings begin with the order number ENCTF1-. Those will be installed in the English Village and we will be able to say what those bricks are close to in that area. The second set of engravings begin with the order number ENCTF2-. Those will also be installed in the English Village and we can pinpoint what feature those are close to. For example, next to the kaleidoscope, next to the Gepetto Scene, next to SIr Newton's Gravity Factory. We anticipate that we will be placing those locations online on this page or a link on this page so that you may access information about the location of your brick. 


Finished engraved bricks will be shipped to Enchanted Forest whenever a total of 10 orders have been placed. Once 10 bricks have been shipped to us, the engraver will wait until 10 more orders have been placed and then engrave the next 10 bricks. We will install your brick within approximately 2 weeks after we receive the engraved paver stones at Enchanted Forest. We anticipate the total time from order to install is about 4 weeks. 

Price $250

Click HERE to place your order and let us know what you would like engraved on your brick and your choice of symbol. Feel free to use the Enchanted Forest shield symbol if you do not see a symbol you would like to use. Please use only CAPITAL LETTERS. 

Enchanted Forest will review your text for appropriateness to a family park before installing the stone. 

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