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Food Options

Food options vary depending on how busy the day is. 

Bring your own picnic or choose from our food options.

Does everyone in your party want to order from a different restaurant?

No problem! Bring the food to the food area you want to eat in. 

ALLERGIES?  Please ask to see a list of ingredients for any food item when you are ordering.

Jolly Roger Inn Menu

Jolly Roger

Open every day the park is open from 10:30 am to 15 minutes before closing. 

Located in the English Village.

Relax and watch the Water-Light show.


Gretel's Grill Menu

Gretel's Grill

Located in the picnic area. Some covered seating is is also available.


Ma 'n Pa's BBQ Menu


Located in the Tofteville Western Town with both indoor and outdoor deck seating. Tasty BBQ but also a great Mac n Cheese for the kids!


Ice Cream Parlour

Located in the picnic area the left of Gretel's Grill. 

Great for a cool down on hot days. 


Ice Cream Parlour Menu
coffee shop 2018.jpg

Mary's Coffee Cottage

Located in the picnic area close to the entrance and exit. Your favorite beverages made to order.


Located up the hill at the entrance to the outdoor theatre between Kiddy Rides and the Big Timber Log Ride exit.

Theatre Snack Menu
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