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Music From Enchanted Forest, the album! Very few copies of this album exist and this one is unplayed, still in the plastic wrap. All music on this LP album is composed, performed and recorded by Susan Vaslev, oldest daughter of Enchanted Forest creator, Roger Tofte. If requested, Susan will sign the album cover and/or vinyl disc. Susan composes all music (except for traditional tunes) for Enchanted Forest. This album includes music from Fantasy Fountains, The Western Town, Log Ride, Seven Dwarves' Mine, Haunted House, The Castle, The English Village, The Challenge of Mondor and more. Some of these recordings come from the old originals that were recorded on Fostex 8-track tape decks back in the 70s and 80s. Produced by Wyrd War in 2015 as a labor of love, having long been fans of the park.  


12.5" x 12.5"


Susan grew up as part of the family that created Enchanted Forest. She was 14 when the park opened in 1971. Already touring as a solo performer playing piano, organ and harpsichord, Susan began writing music for the park. The Enchanted Forest is the only theme park that does not pay any royalties for music use since all music is original. Susan received a music performance degree at U of O and later continued postgraduate studies in Germany and France. She still composes music for the park and is a member of the band Possibly Irish. As of 2020, you can still see Susan and other family members daily in the park, actively working at what they love. 

Vinyl of Music from Enchanted Forest

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