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Enchanted Forest Dress Code

Enchanted Forest Theme Park Dress Code

Welcome to Enchanted Forest! To ensure a magical and enjoyable experience for everyone, we ask that all guests adhere to the following dress code guidelines:

1.  Appropriate Attire: All guests must wear proper attire, including a shirt, shoes, and bottoms, at all times while in the park. Swimwear is not permitted unless it is covered by appropriate clothing.

2.  Modest and Respectful Clothing: Clothing should be family-friendly and appropriate for a theme park setting. Please avoid attire that is excessively revealing or features offensive language, symbols, or graphics. Costumes or clothing that can be interpreted as offensive or inappropriate for a family environment are not allowed.

3.  Safe Footwear: Comfortable and secure footwear is required to ensure safety while walking around the park and participating in attractions. Flip-flops and other unsecured shoes are discouraged for safety reasons.

4.  Costumes and Dress-Up: While we encourage creativity and fun, elaborate or professional-quality costumes are not allowed. Guests may wear simple costumes as long as they do not include masks that cover the face or interfere with park operations. Costume accessories must be safe and non-disruptive.

5.  No Costumes of any Copyrighted Characters: Adults 13 and up are not permitted to wear any costume resembling any copyrighted character in any way.

6.  No Costumes Mimicking Park Characters: To avoid confusion and maintain the integrity of our themed experiences, guests are not permitted to wear costumes that mimic or could be mistaken for any park characters of any theme park.

7.  Safety Compliance: Clothing should not contain sharp objects, pointed accessories, or any materials that could pose a safety risk to the wearer or others. Loose clothing and accessories should be secured to prevent entanglement on rides and attractions.

8.  Face Coverings and Masks: For safety and security reasons, masks that cover the entire face are not permitted. However, small face masks for health purposes or small costume masks that leave the eyes, nose, and mouth visible are acceptable.


9.  Personal Belongings: Please ensure that any bags, backpacks, or accessories are appropriately sized and do not obstruct walkways or interfere with rides and attractions.

10.  Compliance with Policies: All guests must comply with park policies and staff instructions regarding attire. Guests who do not adhere to the dress code may be asked to change or modify their clothing before entering or while in the park.


Thank you for helping us maintain a safe, enjoyable, and family-friendly environment at Enchanted Forest.

We appreciate your cooperation and wish you a magical visit!


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