Accessibility Information


The following provides information on services and facilities available for guests with disabilities. Many, but not all, of Enchanted Forest's attractions, shows, and restaurants are accessible to guests with disabilities, including those with wheelchairs. The following information is intended to assist you with determining your ability to participate on the attractions and with access services throughout the park.


Any team member will be happy to ask a manager to come to your location and discuss the best options for navigating our park. We are happy to see what we can do to make your visit an enjoyable and memorable day and assist in any way possible with any special needs.




WARNING: Excessive slopes for wheelchairs. Use caution. This park is build on a hill.

Upon request, assistance will be provided to get through the park. The Enchanted Forest does not have wheelchairs for rent, but if you desire assistance pushing your own wheelchair in the park, please go to the entrance or exit buildings and ask for wheelchair assistance. We will make every effort to provide a person to push your wheelchair. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to ensure assistance is available. 503-371-4242 ext "0"


This property has been inspected by Darrel N. Ackerman, Consulting and Personal Services, Inc. Through Mr. Ackerman's meetings with the Oregon Disabilities Committee, it has been determined that "due to terrain conditions nothing can be done to provide accessible ramping to all attraction sites." The Enchanted Forest is in the process of making the park more accessible wheelchairs and your input would appreciated.



We have a golf cart that we can use to transport guests with mobility issues if they can safely transfer in and our of the golf cart. We can pick up and drop off at the entrance, Western Town, Kiddy Rides and Jolly Roger water-light show. We cannot transport on paths narrower than the golf cart, so we cannot transport through the Storybook Lane. We can also secure folded wheelchairs and walkers on the back of the golf cart. Let any Enchanted Forest team member know when you need to be transported and they will contact our driver who will meet you. There are weight and size limitations for our golf cart on our hills.



Motorized wheelchairs are not recommended due to the extremely steep terrain. If you choose to use a motorized wheelchair, please use EXTREME CAUTION when negotiating the hills;turning on hills may cause your wheelchair to tip. For those choosing to use motorized wheelchairs, we require that a safe speed be maintained while traveling in the park. Due to steep terrain, not all motorized wheelchairs have the power to make it up our hills.


Suggestion: If your motorized wheelchair does not have enough power, try to avoid the steepest paths. Proceed through the park in the following order:.

1. Go right through the picnic area upon entering the park.

2. Proceed through the archway of the English Village. Start at the water­light show (which is wheelchair accessible) and continue through the Old Europe Village to The Challenge of Mondor.

3. Go to the upper ride level toward the Log Ride and Kiddy Rides.

4. See the Comedy Theatre

5. Go back through the ride area and when you can see Ice Mountain turn right at the Tipi.

6. Proceed through the western town.

7. After you have finished viewing the Western Town, go to the Shoe Slide.

8. Travel backwards through Storybook Lane. This will put you in the Entrance Area.




All public restrooms are wheelchair accessible. They are located by the park entrance/exit, in the Western Town, and toward the top of the hill by the Kiddy Rides, across from the Log Ride exit. For disabled persons accompanied by a member of the opposite sex, we suggest using the handicapped men's/family restroom by the entrance/exit because it is a large private restroom with a lock or the Family Restroom toward the top of the hill by the Kiddy Rides across from the Log Ride exit.



Wheelchair ramps are located at

● Entrance booths/exit

● Comedy Theatre

● Western Town by the Shooting Gallery (use this ramp to access the main Western Town

gift shop)

● Log ride by the observation deck (use this ramp as wheelchair entrance)


TIGHT CLEARANCES (in old structures)

● Castle Entrance Hall, 29" (may bypass by going through archway to the right of the Castle)

● Gingerbread House, 30”; (bypass trails)

● Seven Dwarves' Mine, 23" (steep ramp to the right, or backtrack and see things on the

upper level of Storybook Lane by going to the trail by the shoe slide)

● Western Town Caves, one area as tight as 14"


*Several small structures in Storybook Lane

have stairs. (The Maze has stairs at the end. The Witch's head has stairs. The Crooked House has stairs. The Shoe Slide has Stairs. All of these structures have bypass trails.)



The Exit Gift Shop

Gepetto's Toys and Treasures (located in the English Village)

Opera House Gift Shop (located in the Western Town, accessible from the ramp by

the Shooting Gallery)

Our gift shop attendants are happy to assist in reaching merchandise or reading price tags.



Ice Mountain Bobsleds and Haunted House are not wheelchair accessible.

The Challenge of Mondor is accessible to the left of the cue line. Riders must transfer from their wheelchair into the car.

The Big Timber Log Ride is accessible by going up the exit/wheelchair entrance ramp. Riders must transfer from their wheelchair into the log.


All of the attractions at Enchanted Forest have rider requirements. This guide helps to explain the tasks that you must be capable of performing in order to safely enjoy our attractions. After all, the safety of all our guests is our first concern.


Regulations for riding amusement rides require that the rider must be able to enter and exit the ride, bobsled, log, boat, chair or car on his or her own. Our ride operators are not trained in lifting and transferring guests from wheelchairs and therefore, not permitted to assist you. They will, however, provide direction to the extent that they are able. We suggest that you come with someone who can physically help you when necessary. Also, you must have good upper body strength to hang onto handrails, good body control and reflexes, to ride our rides and avoid potential injury since many of the rides include sudden, steep drops and turns. Accessibility may vary depending upon special conditions.

Please read the signs posted at rides listing rider safety requirements and warnings.



Guests with service animals should follow the same procedures on the attractions as outlined for guests with mobility impairments. Because of the aggressive nature of some attractions, service animals may need to be left with a non-­riding member of the guest's party. Our rides are not engineered for animal safety. The only exception would be small animals in kennels on the Kiddy Ferris Wheel, Kiddy Train and the Challenge of Mondor and only if the kennel is small enough to be placed on the floor of the car and the kennel is safely enclosed by our ride vehicle.



Construction on Enchanted Forest began in 1964. Unfortunately, this was before there was much awareness about consideration of wheelchair needs, such as clearance widths. We regret that much of the early construction did not take these widths into account and the only way to fix some these problems would be to totally demolish and rebuild some of the attractions. This has not always been possible due to space and terrain, or a desire to keep some of the original creations of Roger Tofte. Wherever possible, we have tried to address the needs of wheelchair visitors, and appreciate your understanding and suggestions. Suggestions may be left in our suggestion box at the gift stores or addressed to Susan Vaslev or Mary Tofte.